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6th Biopesticide International Conference

(BIOCICON – 2019)

06– 08 March 2019


Biopesticide International Conference (BIOCICON – 2019) is the sixth conference in the series. The earlier conferences received great response from scientific fraternity from Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, KSA, Malaysia, Nigeria, Peru, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and USA. This year also about eminent speakers from all over the world would deliver invited lectures apart from 20-25 oral and more than posters presentations.



1.    Pestiferous insects and other pests, Plantation Crops, Horticulture Crops, Forest and social forest crops,

2.    Microbicides - culture, mass production, formulation, biological control efficiency

3.    Bioactive compounds and their synthetic derivatives

4.    Natural enemies - Distribution, diversity, biology, mass production, bio efficacy

5.    Semino chemicals, Pheromones, allomones, kairomones, attractants and repellents.

6.    Modern Technology in pest control - Biotechnological /Genetic Engineering, GM Crops, Insect and microbes resistant crops  

7.    Biopesticides for human vectors management

8.    Mosquito’s distribution and diversity, threats, eco-friendly management, Other human vectors and their management.

9.    Bio-safety of Biopesticides

10.    Intellectual Property associated with biopesticides.





Regular Registration

Up to 30th January 2019


Indian Delegates Rupee (₹)

International Delegates





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