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Instructions to the Contributors

The JOURNAL OF BIOPESTICIDES (JBiopest) is a peer-reviewed, open access journal, published by the Crop Protection Research Centre. It publishes original research papers on the management of insect, mite and nematode pests, weeds and disease of crops with biopesticides based on natural sources such as plants, microbes, fungi, predators and parasitoids and allied materials including bioherbicides, bionanomaterial and entomopathogenic nematodes for agricultural, biochemical, molecular and biotechnological nature related to biological pesticides.  The journal is published in both printed (ISSN 0974-391x) and online versions (ISSN 2230-8385). The online version is freely accessible and downloadable.


The following types of contributions are considered for publication:

  • Full-length research papers
  • Short communications
  • Review articles (very often)
  • Descriptions of Eco-friendly product for pest and disease management
  • Awards, prizes, and scholarships of international and national repute related to Eco-friendly pest management
  • The announcement on Seminars, workshops, training programme, conference, and news etc. related to biopesticides 
  • We publishes maximum of 25 articles in a year

Authors should strictly follow the instructions for rapid acceptance:

1. Manuscripts in English should be submitted to The Managing Editor, Journal of Biopesticides, Crop Protection Research Centre, St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Palayamkottai - 627 002, Tamil Nadu, India by post or e-mail attachment to

2. Publication policy:

* First and second author should be a subscriber /member of the journal.  However, we welcome all authors to subscribe the journal  

* Manuscripts submitted for publication in Journal of Biopesticides should not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

* Page charges are applicable at the rate of Rs. 400 and US $ 30 per printed page for authors in India and overseas respectively. Invoice (on request only) will be sent to the authors along with the galley proof.

*  Waiver policy (for developing country authors) - 10 ro 25% based on the employment nature

* Journal has not collect any article submission charges 

* Announcements of seminars/symposia, book reviews and relevant information on plant protection will also be considered for publication.

* Strict conformity with the above guidelines will ensure speedy publication of your paper.

* We interested to  exchange Journal of Biopesticides to other journals of same nature or related to crop production and protection

Typing and submission:

3. Two copies of the manuscript (double-spaced, 12 Times New Roman), complete in all respects including illustrations, along with a soft copy (OR) via e-mail should be sent to the Managing Editor (e-mail:

4. Order the elements comprising the manuscript as follows:

Title page (Times new roman, 13 font size, bold) along with authors address including contact numbers, fax number and e-mail address (separate page),

The abstract should be under 300 words. However, short communications do not require an abstract but do require keywords.

Keywords (4-6) for indexing (different from title words),

Running title


Materials and Methods,




Acknowledgments (including those for grant and financial support),


Figure-caption list


Supplementary files


5. We accept good quality photographs & camera-ready illustrations (numbered in one consecutive series of Arabic numerals). Legend for the figures should be typed on a separate page. All figures must be referred to, at appropriate places, in the text. The cost of printing colour illustration is to be met by the author.

6. Tables should be numbered (with Roman numerals) and referred to by number in the text and carry explanatory footnotes (indicated by superscript lowercase letters) below the table.

7. List references alphabetically at the end of the paper and refers to them in the text by name and year in parentheses. The style and punctuation of the references should conform to that used in the journal-illustrated by the following examples:

    Journal Article

      Schal, C., Charlton, R. E., and Card, R. T. 1987. Sex pheromone titers and release rates in Holomelina lamae (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae). Journal of Chemical Ecology, 13: 1115-1129.


Poinar, G. O., Jr., and Thomas, G. M. 1984. Laboratory Guide to Insect Pathogens and Parasites, Plenum Press, New York, 234 P. 

Proceedings/Book Contributions

Sahajini, K. 1981. Disruption pine beetle infestations with attractants and inhibitors. In: Management of Insect Pests with Semiochemicals: Concepts and Practice (Mitchell, E. R. ed.), Plenum Press, New York, 365-383 PP

8. Footnotes should be avoided. When their use is absolutely necessary, footnotes should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals and should be typed at the bottom of the page to which they refer. Place a line above the footnote, so that it is set off from the text. Use the appropriate superscript numeral for citation in the text.

9. For revised submission and accepted manuscripts, you are required to provide all source text and figure files.

10. Proofs : After accepting the manuscript, J Biopestic technical assistants will contact you regarding your manuscript page proofs to correct printing errors only, i.e., other corrections or content improvement are not permitted. The proofs shall be returned in 3 working days (72 h) via e-mail.


Preparation of the text

1. Use 2.0 line spacing for all text and include line numbers

2. Italicize Latin words

3.Use SI units only 

4. kDa is acceptable for molecular mass 

5. Use S.E. and S.D. for standard errors and standard deviation, respectively   

6. Cite each figure and table in the text numerical order

7. Use Fig. 1a, B or Figs. 3, 4. 

8. One author - (David, 2008) or (David, 2008; Jose, 2009); two authors (Basheer and Thomas, 2010) and more than two authors - (Chavan et al., 2011)      

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